Terms and Conditions

By booking, entering and/or using the venue or facilities, customers or table tennis players agree to abide by the following conditions:

1.      General

1.1.   Customers with serious or recovering from medical conditions should advise staff upon entry.

1.2.   Smoking and alcohol consumption are not permitted in the venue.

1.3.   Remove all rubbish before leaving the court.

1.4.   Appropriate sporting attire including footwear must be worn at all times. Shirts must always be worn on and off the court.

1.5.   Vistta reserves the right to refuse entry to any person or remove any person from the venue.

1.6.   Customer must behave appropriately and follow the lawful directions of Vistta all the time.  Derogative comments, abusive language and inappropriate or disruptive behavior will not be tolerated.

2.      Cancellations, Reschedule & Refund Policy

2.1.   Cancellations and reschedules must be communicated to Vistta 48 hours prior to the start of the booking.

2.2.   All refund requests will be reviewed on a case by case basis. Vistta reserves the right to deduct necessary fees incurred from the booking transaction.


3.      Damage

3.1.   If a customer causes any damage to Vistta property/facilities/equipment they will be held responsible for all costs associated with replacement or repairs whichever is decided by Vistta.


4.      Personal Property
4.1.   Customers are responsible for their own property at all times. Vistta does not hold any responsibility for any property that is stolen, lost or damaged in the venue.

5.      Health & Safety

5.1.   Customer must abide public health guidelines for the safety & health (e.g. COVID Safety protocols, etc.)

5.2.   Customers with young children must supervise them for safety at all time.

5.3.   Customers recognize that they will be exposed to certain risks when using the facilities, including but not limited to physical injury and death.

5.4.   Vistta will not be liable for any injuries, loss or damage suffered by any person entering venue or damage caused by the negligence of Vistta or its representatives. To the extent permitted by law, customers agree to release, indemnify and hold harmless to Vistta and its representatives from and against any and all losses, liabilities, expenses, claims, demands, suits and damages whatsoever and howsoever arising resulting from or in connection with an customer’s use of venue/ facilities.

5.5.   Customers authorize Vistta to obtain medical assistance, treatment and transport as deemed reasonably necessary by Vistta and acknowledge that they will be responsible for any costs associated with any such medical treatment and/or transportation.